Connected to the Internet button. The radiated output powe r of this device is below the FCC radio frequency exposure. To stop removing the driver, select “Cancel”. Press button to proce ed. The ads help us provide this software and web site to you for free. The manual driver install ation shall be required twice. Either the cabl e is disco nnected to the modem or.

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Click “Locate and install driver soft ware recommended ” when shown in below. Supports Hybri d mode.

All of the display on the progra m’s screen shows as prohibited icons. Select “Install” to uninstall the driver. Connected to the Internet button.

Download and install Anydata corporation AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem PID 6502 driver

If the same Index number already exis ts then requires editing of the co ntents. OFF Modem power off state.

Select “Search for a suitable driver for my device. The driver anydaya wizard will scan your computer and will install the right driver. See the following s to the location of “Device Manager”. Only download this driver. As seen in above, ther e will be three buttons. To re start the computer later, se le ct “I want to manually reboot later”.


Download and install Anydata corporation AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem PID – driver id

When user is ready to disco nnect from the Internet, press button to anydaa the connection. Press button to install the program. If the modem is trying to connect or connected to the Internet, this icon will app ear as shown.

During the running of the program, follo wing message appea rs and the program halts. Select “Search for a suitable driver for my device recommended “.

This driver is digitally signed by Anydata corporation. A window that displays a proper path of Driver will.

In order to turn off the modem. Either the cabl e is disco nnected to the modem or. If it cannot connect to the Inte rnet, then icon will appear.

Select “Install from a list or specific locati o n Advanced “. When program has been succe ssfully in stalled, following window will display. Nevertheless, th e device should be used in such a manner that the potential for. As shown below, eithe r pressing. This device is co mpliant cma the parameters of Specific. The computer must restart after the driver is uninstalled.


Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads. Either the cable is discon nected to the modem or improper port conne ction.

Drivers for manufacturers AnyDATA

Displayed number will be e rased. This part is to change the impo rtant parameter for EVDO mod em.

Sends SMS message to the select ed phone number. Then press button, it will automatically connected to the Internet. The program has ended but the USB modem power is tu rned off. Go through the driver setup wizard, which will guide you; it should be quite easy to follow.